GFNY Training Center Podcast

We’re back with more from the GFNY Training Center Podcast!

This week, we’ve got a new series of two episodes, each broken up into several parts.

First up, we compiled reader questions and answered them. We covered a few topics, including using Erg mode on the trainer, fasted training, and staying cool training indoors:

-Listen to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

The second episode for the week was all about hydration! We’ve covered in-race nutrition in depth before, but focused on getting in calories. This episode we talked about hydration, and helped pair that with previous episodes to help you make a full nutrition plan for race day.

-Listen to Part 1, Part 2.

And remember that you can find the GFNY Training Center Podcast, and all editions of GFNY Daily Coffee Podcast, in a variety of locations.

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