Introducing the GFNY Training Center Podcast

This week be sure to listen to the Training Center edition of the GFNY Daily Coffee Podcast. The Training Center is a new podcast under the umbrella of GFNY Daily Coffee. GFNY Coaching’s Christian Parrett, along with co-host Chris Geiser, will cover a variety of topics related to training, nutrition, tactics and course breakdowns, and you can expect several new episodes each week.

This week we have three exciting topics. Check out the topics below and give them a listen!

Training for climbs where there are no climbs-an episode dedicated to how you can succeed in mountainous races even while training on flat terrain. Listen Here.

On-Bike Nutrition: the essentials for fueling properly during races and hard training rides. If you aren’t familiar with these guidelines, you may be leaving huge chunks of time on the table! Listen Here.

Junk Miles: How to avoid wasting your precious training time and avoid non-productive riding (without sacrificing fun). Listen Here.