Chapter 2: Travel to GFNYs in Europe 2021


This video is about planning ground connections in Europe. GFNY’s Ambassador Chris Geiser shares his advice and experiences to help you have a smooth experience traveling to Europe in 2021 for the cycling experience of a lifetime.


Chapter 2 of the GFNY Europe 2021 travel guide series talks about planning ground connections and journey legs. Is it better for you to fly direct to a major airport that’s further away, or land in another European city and connect to a closer airport? What are the things to consider when renting a car?


This is for you if you…

  • are exploring a trip to a GFNY Europe race in 2021
  • have travelled to Europe but need to understand the ”new normal” associated with travel
  • have not travelled extensively to Europe and look for a few tips
  • just need an ”easy” button on finding the resources you need to be able to travel with confidence



In case you missed it:

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Daily coffee with GFNY – How to travel in 2021 to Europe for GFNY



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