Join the camp for an authentic French cycling experience

What your camp ticket includes: 

  • Welcome Reception
  • Special Registration Area
  • VIP Corral Start
  • Special Post-Race Meal Area
  • 7 days of supported group cycling with experienced guides
  • Nutrition, technique and tactics sessions
  • 40-90km/day
  • Take on a number of famous climbs to prepare for the race and make the most out of your week in the Vosges Mountains
  • Welcome Dinner

The GFNY Grand Ballon camp has two objectives:

  1. Experience the beauty & challenge of cycling in Vosges and
  2. Get you prepared for the race- mentally and physically.

GFNY Grand Ballon is a climbing race. Over the course of the week, you will get lots of climbing practice on many beautiful climbs. We will ride up several climbs that are directly near Thann.

You'll be accompanied on your rides by experienced guides and coaches. During the camp, group leaders will be available to help you with race strategy, descending and climbing technique, and nutrition advice.  This time spent planning for race day will pay off not just during competition, but afterwards as you apply this new knowledge to your cycling going forward. 

You will be back from cycling in the early afternoon to also enjoy non-cycling tourism activities. GFNY Camp is meant to prepare you for race day, not wear you out. By race day, you will be comfortable with taking on long climbs, with variable steepness, and should be in peak condition to finish GFNY Grand Ballon strong.